Work at Home jobs 800 306 0873

Work at Home jobs 800 306 0873

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New Programs Provide Fast Cash, Career Changes, Work at Home Jobs and Free Credit Repair!
Updated: 1:00 a.m. ET March 7, 2005

WASHINGTON, DC - If you are recently unemployed or credit problems are holding you back from starting a business, buying a home or new car, here is important news. Government and private lending institutions are now joining forces to stimulate the national economy and make it easier for people with poor credit ratings to get low-interest loans.


In addition to new financial resources to help the unemployed re-enter the job market, "billions of loan and grant dollars have been earmarked for people previously identified as credit risks," announced Terry Newborn, a researcher for Government Publications, based out of Washington, D.C. Money is available to purchase homes, cars, start a business, and consolidate debts and many other purposes.

"Now is the time to act if you need money for any worthwhile purpose," urged Newborn. He also reported that several reduced-cost and even free programs now exist to benefit the economically disadvantaged and recently unemployed. Such programs include dental and vision care services, prescription plans and legal aid.

Government Publications offers a CD-Rom that provides the latest information on the above programs. It covers free grant and loan resources available for a wide variety of purposes. The CD-Rom includes start-up information on over 95 work at home jobs that pay cash. For example, How to Buy and Sell Foreclosed Properties, How to Start a Profitable Gift Basket Business, How to Start a Cleaning Business and How to Become a Loan Broker ( The business program includes and, which teaches customers to eBay(TM) the correct way.

The CD-Rom combines all programs into one and includes 50 successful grant applications that were funded. These samples are essential items since most denied loan and grant applications are due to incomplete paperwork. For more information on the CD containing all programs, log on to To visit individual sites for jobs, visit,,, and for fast cash visit,,, or call 800-306-0873, 888-384-9608 or 800-416-0712.

Terry Newborn
Government Publications
1025 Connecticut Ave. Suite 1012
Washington, DC 20036
Tele: 202-331-4477

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